Home Safety
Home Safety

Keep an eye on home safety.

With the new year well on its way, there is still the increasing statistic of crime in our neighbourhoods.

During the past two years, our lives in South Africa were as much impacted as those across the globe. We have seen a rise in working from home, fewer employees traveling to offices and more activity around our own homes. One should think that, with more time spent at home, the risk for burglary would be less but that is not the case - vehicles and electronic equipment are now at homes and not at secure office complexes, making the home vulnerable to break-ins.

Even though we may be working from home more, we also find ourselves meeting clients and colleagues in public spaces, or we choose to work away from home for a bit, in a coffee shop or restaurant for a well-deserved change of scenery. Whatever any individual, including you, may find doing during the day, make sure that home safety is top of mind.

 We at LogOn IT Store care, not only for your network, but also for your safety at home. Give us a call for advice on home security and how a network of IP cameras and other security facilities could increase your peace of mind. 

 With security cameras operating on a network, the visual information is relayed to a dashboard where you can view the ongoings outside your home. Place cameras where you expect usual traffic as well as in blind spots for an immediate overview of the entire area. You can choose to record what the cameras are capturing and have this stored to video and backed-up for future retrieval. With a series of capabilities available from modern technology, connected to a network and plugged to your internet connection, you can create the bespoke set-up to fit exactly what you require - from warnings of threats, to the monitoring of daily traffic in and out of your premises as well as the control of access to deliveries.

LogOn IT Store has extensive experience in setting up a visual security network. Our range of packages is designed for multiple situations, as individuals or SMEs may have need.

Make that call today - we look forward to assisting you.