Has disaster struck and you need professional help - and fast?

Call us immediately or reach us on email in case of emergency – those moments when disaster has struck and you need an IT Support team right away. We are only a click away.

Call-out service for major issues.

Contact our dispatch IT support team for service on your premises – we assist individuals as well as businesses and give workable solutions that get you back to business fast. Rely on us to reconnect you.

On-going maintenance.

Get in touch with us if you need a dedicated team to do regular check-ins and maintenance on your personal IT computers, networks, mail set-ups, databases and more. Consult with our experienced technicians and assistants to get the best solution for your business or personal requirements to do set-ups, maintenance, upgrades and expansions. Your IT network infrastructure is in good hands with or expert team and hands-on approach.

Get the support package that suits you best.

Choose from our range of packages to find the IT support and maintenance that suits your requirement and budget. We offer great service and fast turn-around time on-demand or as continuous maintenance. Refer to our range here to find your match.


Call 012 786 0645 | support@logonits.co.za

What does it cost?

Find the service
you need right now:

Onsite IT Support

Trust us for support. We are always there when you need us. Let us attend to software setups, installation and repair of hardware devices.

Remote IT Support

Reach us remotely. We can support your personal IT environment remotely. Our virtual connection is simple and affordable and allows 24/7 access for health checks and upgrades.


Call us for help. We install new networks including full business services as well as diagnose network problems.

Site Audits

Consult us for advice. We offer a full audit of your IT business environment and make recommendations for improvement.

Business Solutions

Get in touch for business assistance. We bring Managed Networking Solutions, Firewall Protection Services, Virtual Services and Internet Connectivity Solutions.

Service Ethos

Find solutions from us. Our proactive, highly effective strategies allow us to combine technical expertise with an outstanding customer service approach. It is our purpose to bring the best solution to you.

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